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"How To Fill Up Yoga Classes With Smiling Kids And To Build A Profitable And Stable  Yoga Business
WITHOUT Being Dependent On The Schools And Kindergartens?"

Secrets You Need To Know

There are 3 secrets to filling up yoga classes with smiling kids and quickly building a profitable and stable yoga business...

How To Create The Sold-Out Classes And Stable Income You Deserve
How To Create Classes That Kids Will Be Eager To Attend All Year Round
How To Get The Payment You Deserve For Teaching Yoga
Welcome To My World
About Your Host
My name is Lena Shur, and I help yoga teachers create classes full of smiling kids all year round and to get a stable income from teaching yoga.
If you really want to have sold-out classes, earn decent money by teaching yoga, and stand out from the crowd of other yoga teachers, then I can definitely help you.
I'm the best at teaching children yoga teachers to create a profitable FLYoga Kids business.  Here is why:
  • ​For the last 7 years, I've taught thousands of kids to fly with my FLYoga Kids Year-Round Program
  • ​I've built a prosperous business based on my  FLYoga Kids Program
  • ​I've helped hundreds of yoga teachers to create profitable FLYoga business and to have a stable income all year round
But it wasn't always like this. Like many yoga teachers, I struggled for years, teaching half-empty classes and working for pennies in gyms, schools, and kindergartens.

If you want to have sold-out classes full of smiling kids all year round and to get a stable income from teaching yoga, I can help you, because I have "been there and done that!" and can now shorten the path for you.
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