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We at SiRA are here to help you create a profitable and stable business by teaching FLYoga to kids. With the FLYoga courses, you will learn how to teach kids flying, make quality time with your child or practice aerial yoga easily and safely.


Learn how to create a profitable and stable aerial yoga business by teaching FLYoga to kids

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Learn how to do over 150 aerial yoga exercises easily, safely, and without hurting yourself.

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Discover an aerial yoga home activity and create quality time the whole family will benefit and enjoy

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Hi, I'm Lena, and I've been teaching kids to spread their wings and FLY for the last 10 years.

Join my FLYoga Kids Teacher Training course and learn how to make a good living by inspiring and teaching kids to fly.


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Give it a try with our courses, challenges, and FREE products.  

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100 Basic FLYoga Exercises Poster

This poster acts as a reminder of the many ways you can use your hammock. Download for your use or print and hang on your wall in any size.

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7 Day Aerial Yoga Challenge

This basic to advanced 7-day FLYoga challenge takes you through a creative series of short flows that every day will emphasize a different aspect of Aerial Yoga.

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Discover my secret for unforgettable classes 

Discover the secret methodology I use that makes kids eager to attend your classes all year round regardless of what kind of activity or subject you teach.

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Noa Rosenblum

"The course has empowered me, given me important tools, and a lot of confidence to teach FLYoga."

Sara Levy

"I must admit the FLYoga Kids Teacher Training course was the most successful course I have been on!"

Inbar Batsiaelisha

"After graduating I feel ready to embark on my new path and look forward to starting to fly with kids."

Netsanet M.

"The kids were so excited - everyone asked how they can enroll in the weekly classes."

Kamilla Marchenko

"FLYoga is the tool you have found to convey what is important to you"

Chen Zaidi

"I just feel like I had the privilege of learning from Lena. Thank you very much"

How To Get Fully Booked FLYoga Classes With Smiling Kids And To Build A Profitable And Stable Yoga Business

You do not have to be a yoga teacher to take the FLYoga Kids Teacher Training and get certified. As part of the course, I teach everything you need to know to teach FLYoga Kids classes. The only thing that is needed is love for children. That's something I can't teach :)

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I regularly share a lot of free content about empowering children and teaching FLYoga.

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