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Feeling stuck at your job? Want to do something meaningful but don't know what and how to escape your 9 to 5 job?

Are you struggling to fill your Fitness / Pilates / Yoga classes with students and make a good living as a full-time instructor?

Already teach kids, but looking to enrich your toolbox to stand out from the crowd of other teachers and increase your income?


If you don't enjoy your current job, it's not your fault. You probably did everything right precisely as we all were taught.

That is because you were led to this career path by parents or society, but it's not your path.
Your soul needs a meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling career.


Maybe you knew that your career path is fitness / yoga / pilates / dancing or any other type of teaching. But, after completing the instructor certification course, you probably discovered that hundreds of thousands of great and experienced instructors teach more or less the same classes, competing for the same customers online and offline.

That is why so many new and experienced instructors struggle to market themselves and find customers for their classes.
That is why so many instructors end up teaching for pennies or even for free in schools, studios, or online.

What If There Is A Way To Get Paid Well When Doing Something Meaningful And Enjoying The Work Every Day?

Over 10 years ago, I discovered an aerial yoga hammock that changed my life completely.

Still, it took me years of trial and error to create a profitable and stable FLYoga Kids business.

Now, I'm on a mission to shorten the path to fulfilling and well-paid work for other people and help a million kids learn to fly.

Why should you learn the FLYoga Kids method?

  • You can earn up to $250 per hour from teaching yoga to children.
  • You will feel a sense of fulfillment and contribution from teaching children yoga and yoga values.
  • ​A unique niche without competition that will allow you to acquire new customers easily
  • Year-round program - children enrolled at the beginning of the school year will attend the classes throughout the year.
  • ​Monthly payments throughout the year will generate a steady stream of income.
  • ​Done during afternoon hours that is a free time in most studios so it won't affect other classes
  • ​Kids of all ages can do aerial yoga, and they absolutely love it!

World Yoga Alliance APPROVED & REGISTERED!

The FLYoga Kids course is the first and only aerial yoga for kids teacher training certification accredited by World Yoga Alliance. Teach anywhere in the world upon certification! Learn 100% online course from the comfort of your own home! Start a new career without sacrificing family or work obligations! Save thousands of dollars in travel, accommodation, and meals. We supply you with the most comprehensive FLYoga Kids Teacher Training certification on the market today, registered and approved by World Yoga Alliance!

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Noa Rosenblum

Huge recommendation for the SiRA FLYoga Kids teacher training course!
The course is short, focused, and concise, combining experiential and practical experience with theoretical topics, an intimate group, and a personal attitude. I feel that the course has given me important tools, empowered me, and given me a lot of confidence to teach FLYoga.
Lena and Semyon are charming, investing, and giving it their all. Very fun to learn from them and consult.
The course was exactly what I needed! Huge thanks🙏🧘‍♀️😘

Sara Levy

Wow!!! Last month I did the FLYoga kids teacher training course with Lena and Semyon.
And I must admit it was the most successful course I have been on!
Lena and Semyon are amazing, pleasant people with a wide heart and full of love.
They know how to convey abundance in good, calm, flowing, and fun energy.
Of course, their good character is most influential, but it's not just that. The course is well structured, with clear and accurate presentations. And with access to beautiful and readable, accurate, accessible and high-quality video and writing lessons.
The course is fun, and in it, they give the wisdom of their lives and give tools and security for the rest of the way and for life in general. I fell in love with them! I recommend, recommend, recommend....️

I know exactly how you feel because I've been there

After over 10 years of career in a high-tech company, I've achieved everything I could dream of when graduating from university. I had a great, very well-paid job, company car, health insurance, and all the benefits. But I've sat in my office and felt miserable. Nobody, including myself, could understand what I'm going through - I was at the peak of my corporate carrier at a dream job, managing people and multi-million projects. But every morning, I didn't want to get out of bed and go to the office.

Then it hit me - I did everything "right", as everybody around me thought, but it wasn't my path. I wanted to do something meaningful. So, on October 1, 2009, I quit my "dream" job to become a yoga teacher. My family, friends, and coworkers thought I was crazy.

I did countless yoga teaching courses. I taught classes in gyms for pennies. I ran between schools and kindergartens with a pile of mats and a bag full of kid's yoga equipment. At schools, I would teach a class in front of 20 children, most of whom didn't really want to be there. I was always busy marketing in an attempt to acquire more and more customers. But nothing really caught on. I was always busy, struggled, learned a lot, tried all kinds of things for kids ... But I couldn't say I made a living from teaching yoga.
But more importantly, I couldn't feel that I was able to touch the souls of the children with yoga.

Then 8 years ago, I saw a video of exercises with a hammock for back problems. I had to learn how to use it. At the time, there were almost no courses. I found Nati Steiner, who came for a visit from Italy and I had to drive 4 hours to take her course.
After the course, I got into my car, sat down, and began to digest what had happened there. I felt I had found my purpose! This is mine! I'm going to teach yoga with the hammock and teach other people to fly! I realized that through the hammock, I could express myself!

I started teaching kids FLY yoga exercises that I learned. I came up with two lessons based on the few dozen exercises I learned.
But what do I do next? I can't teach the same exercises all the time. Kids need something new every time. Otherwise, it becomes boring.

So I started searching for more FLY yoga exercises. I started inventing my own poses, tried them on my kids, and then added to the lessons.
I saw what worked and what didn't work. What makes kids excited and what exercise most kids can't do. 

Slowly, I started to build lesson plans, one after another. I had once been in a situation where I'd struggle to come up with class plans and ideas for what to do with the kids in the next class. Now, I had detailed lesson plans for a year-round FLYoga Kids program that all children are excited about. Almost everyone who tries a FLYoga Kids class enrolls and continues to come week after week for at least a year.

This program not only allowed me to fill 10 weekly classes of FLY Yoga for Kids year after year and earn a living from it. But it also gives me an incredible sense of self-fulfillment. I'm grateful that I can reach so many souls, make small changes in children's lives, empower them, and pass on essential yoga values!


Yes, I Want To Shorten My Path


Imagine 10 weekly classes packed with eager, smiling kids

Imagine a child lying in a hammock in a relaxation pose, not wanting to get out of it

Imagine you no longer need to seek new customers, and your classes are full throughout the year

Imagine having a steady income throughout the year from teaching yoga

That's exactly what's been happening to me for the past eight years.

This course is the only of its kind for aerial yoga for kids. Beyond the practical knowledge of over 150 exercises, 35 ready-to-teach lesson plans, mindfulness exercises, and relaxations, the SiRA FLYoga Kids method will allow you to generate a regular income during the year without having to run after customers.

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Inbar Batsiaelisha

I graduated the course with Lena with a huge sense of satisfaction. I had a good feeling even before I started, but I didn't imagine that the course would be delivered in such a professional and accurate way. I felt that things are really conveyed to students out of a desire to impart knowledge and experience that shortens the path for the beginner. I feel ready to embark on my new path and look forward to starting to fly with kids. Thank you very much, Lena and Semyon.

Netsanet  Mekonnen

It was so exciting! I have been to a lot of courses in my life. I am a graduate of the Academy of Dance. I studied in New York, Boston, Tel Aviv with many different teachers, and I have never met anyone like you. This course is incredibly accurate. I can go out and teach with the guidance, generosity, and attention presented in each exercise. I'm just fascinated as a teacher and practitioner! I've started to teach Parents & Kids FLYoga workshops during the course. After the workshops, the kids were so excited - everyone asked how they can enroll in the weekly classes.


Here Is Your Opportunity To Change Your Life:

Learn How To Fill Up Yoga Classes With Smiling Kids And To Build A Profitable And Stable Yoga Business

WITHOUT Being Dependent On The Schools, Kindergartens And Other Studio Owners

Your life-changing journey begins here

Join The Course Now!

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get When You Enroll In The FLYoga Kids Teacher Training Course Today!

The SiRA FLYoga Kids Teacher Training Course

FLYoga Kids Teacher Training

You will learn

  • Over 150 FLY yoga exercise, warmup exercises, and flows​
  • Breathing exercises​
  • Positive thinking techniques
  • ​Meditations & relaxation techniques
  • Yoga games that teach values
  • How to prepare for the class. What vibe you should have and how to reach this energy.​
  • How to lead an exciting demo class that convinces the kids and the parents to enroll.
  • ​Everything you need to know about the year-round program sign-up process. Including the forms you need, payments, and health declaration.
  • ​FLY Yoga contraindications.
  • ​How to keep kids engaged with a final-show and the importance of the final show.

FLYoga Kids Year-Round Program

  • 35 detailed lesson plans for all classes during the school year
  • ​Cheat Sheet for every class
  • Tips and tricks on how to manage the class and make it even more fun
  • Over 150 video tutorials for most of exercises in the program
  • You won't have to spend time planning your lessons, just review the lesson plan day before the class, and you are ready to go.

Everything already exists in the lesson plan - what today's exercises are and how to do them. You'll understand How to challenge the acrobatic kids while giving a feeling of success to everybody. I'll tell you what should you do at the beginning of the class and what should you say during guided imaginary relaxation at the end of the class

The Empowerment Methodology Mini-Course

The empowerment methodology I teach in this mini-course makes the kids eager to attend your classes year after year. Because by empowering children with the techniques I teach, they start to feel great about themselves thanks to you and will keep coming to receive more of your energy.

Wouldn't it be great if that is how the kids will feel in your classes?

I had to spend years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn these empowerment techniques and figure out what works for kids and what doesn't. But you won't have to because I'm giving you a detailed breakdown of how you can easily empower the kids, how to identify their strengths, and how to make them fill great about themselves. PLUS, you will also learn how you can LOVE YOURSELF! Which is essential in empowering others.

Parents & Kids FLYoga Workshop

The Parents & Kids FLYoga Workshop plan is a unique activity that introduces the world of FLYoga to children and parents. It's an opportunity for the parents to experience an intimate and exciting activity with their boy or girl while practicing FLYoga and enjoying the incredible sense of hovering, fun, and freedom.

The Parents & Kids FLYoga Workshop will allow you to start teaching FLYoga even before completing the course because it is so easy to invite parents and kids to enjoy FLYoga together without any commitment.

The plan and the videos you will get will guide you step by step in creating, selling, and teaching the workshop.

FLYoga Birthday Party Workshop

The FLYoga Birthday Party workshop is also a stand-alone workshop, outside of the year-round program. It allows you to create a nice additional income. Compared to other themed birthday parties this workshop brings value. The parents appreciate it because the kids are learning yoga values while having the time of their life.

Your customers will love FLYoga so much they will be begging you to have FLYoga birthday parties to show off with their friends.
This is also an income-generating workshop.

FLYoga Program Sales And Marketing Course

If you want to have a successful FLYoga Kids business, it's not enough to be a great teacher and teach amazing classes. You need to know how to bring the customers to your classes. This sales and marketing mini-course will teach you our specific strategies and techniques to fill the classes with kids.

It's not a general marketing course. In this course, you will learn the techniques that work for filling FLYoga classes. You will learn how to market your classes for FREE, without investing in paid ads and managing sales without being a salesman.

This course is essential for any teacher looking to make a living by teaching FLYoga to kids.

WAIT! We Have a Few Extras...

Bonus #1: Personal Support

You will be able to get answers to all your questions from one of our experienced teachers. You won’t be alone in this journey. You will be able to chat with us, send your videos doing exercises to get personal feedback, and even get assistance in planning your aerial yoga studio. It won’t be just a course, but we will lead you by the hand toward success.

Bonus #2: Yoga & Money Mini-Course

Yoga & Money mini-course will completely change your beliefs about money and yoga and will allow you to be a giving person yet get paid for your services without feeling like you're losing your values.

You might be thinking, "I didn't become a yoga teacher to talk about money". After this mini-course, you will understand why your limiting beliefs prevent you from teaching yoga to hundreds of kids and making a good living out of it.

Bonus #3: The SiRA FLYoga Hammock

We want you to start practicing FLYoga exercises as fast as possible. Therefore once you enroll in the course, we will ship you the official SiRA FLYoga hammock set.

The SiRA FLYoga hammock set is a professional studio quality hammock set that includes an extra durable hammock from high strength fabric, triple stitched for safety. Also, the set includes professional, extra-long extension straps that allow installing the hammock at your home, outside, or any commercial studio.

With this incredible offer, you will become FLYoga Kids teacher, and you will learn:

  • How to fill your classes with smiling kids

  • ​What and how to teach in every class during the year

  • ​How to empower the kids so they will be eager to attend your classes all year-round

  • ​How to teach Parents & Kids and Birthday Party workshop

  • ​How to market the FLYoga Kids year-round program

  • ​How to be giving and charge a payment you deserve for your service.

This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer


So Don't Miss Your Opportunity -
Transform Your Life By Becoming FLYoga Kids Instructor

I Want To Become FLYoga Teacher!

What do graduates think of the FLYoga Kids course?

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Who the course is for?

For instructors and trainers with a certificate in movement instruction such as yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, fitness, aerobics, and dance, who love children and who are interested in increasing their toolbox and expanding or building a business according to a working and successful method.
Moms, schoolteachers, kindergartners, various therapists, and people who love working with kids, interested in learning fun, empowering, and relaxing activity. Interested in acquiring tools for child empowerment, mindfulness, and positive thinking and looking to change career or interested in additional income.

Here is what parents think of FLYoga Kids classes

FLYoga with Lena is a professionally driven, fun-filled class that incorporates traditional yoga poses in movement and hammocks' support. Lena is thoroughly professional and, by working in small groups, able to support each child. You need to experience a class to believe how challenging, relaxing, strengthening, invigorating, and fun FLYoga can be. My 11-year daughter is hooked!!!
Stephanie P.

I want to thank you, Lena, for this very special class! My daughter is 5 years old at the children's lesson, and there is no one happier than she is … Not only is Micka getting stronger, and her posture is good and confident … she is coming back with energy for the whole week! … In the lesson, there is a combination of lots of movement and liberation, aside to peace and quiet that couldn't find in any other kid's class. And the most fun part was experiencing it myself on Family Day. We came the whole family that was a father and another sister … We found ourselves flying! Literally … Lena … Thank you for your patience with the children, the adventure, and the weekly experience.
Sevan B.

For a year, my daughter flew in FLYoga classes. Her fear of climbing or rocking had dissipated, and a great love for yoga was born in constant motion.
And Lena-what can I say? Lena is simply a gift that is all joy and pleasure. My Maayan loves her. The FLYoga classes are very highly recommended.
Einat K.


Teachers around the world see amazing results with the SiRA FLYoga Kids program. Just like any goal you have, you won't automatically reach it without doing the work to get there.

But, if you follow our steps, try to teach FLYoga Kids classes, talk to studios or try to open your own classes and don't see that kids absolutely love your classes or don't feel like this training has helped you stand out from the crowd of other yoga teachers, we will provide extra coaching support to help you progress or issue you a full 100% refund.

But if you're like most people, this course will change your business (and for some of you, it'll change your life!)

Enroll Now!


Not only will you learn how to teach FLYoga Kids classes, but you will learn how to create a stable and profitable FLYoga business. You will learn how to empower the kids and keep them attending your classes all year-round. You will learn how to stop chasing the customers and get the payment you deserve.


Don't miss your chance to transform your life and your yoga business

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  • FLYoga Kids TT Course ($2,300 Value)​​

  • FLYoga Kids Year-Round Program ($3,500 Value)

  • ​​The Empowerment Methodology Mini-Course ($997 Value)

  • The Parents & Kids FLYoga Workshop ($297 Value)

  • ​The FLYoga Birthday Party Workshop ($297 Value)

  • ​​The FLYoga Sales & Marketing Mini-Course ($997 Value)​

  • Bonus #1: The Yoga & Money Mini-Cour. (PRICELESS)​​

  • Bonus #2: FLYoga Hammock ($100 Value)

  • FLYoga Kids TT Course                                                 ($2,300 Value)​​

  • FLYoga Kids Year-Round Program                            ($3,500 Value)

  • ​​The Empowerment Methodology Mini-Course     ($997 Value)

  • The Parents & Kids FLYoga Workshop                     ($297 Value)

  • ​The FLYoga Birthday Party Workshop                     ($297 Value)

  • ​​The FLYoga Sales & Marketing Mini-Course          ($997 Value)​

  • Bonus#1: Personal Support                                ($997 Value)
  •  Bonus #2: The Yoga & Money Mini-Course.            (PRICELESS)​​
  • Bonus #3: FLYoga Hammock                             ($100 Value)


But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY $115 / month

- The full price of the course is $997. Different payment plans are available. -


This Is A Limited Time Offer

Enroll Now!

Stand out from the yoga teachers' crowd by teaching and enjoying FLYoga Kids and creating a steady and continuous revenue stream


Kamilla Marchenko

I had doubts if I should enroll in the FLYoga Kids teacher training course. I had doubts if I really wanted it and if it's mine. I still will not know where this path will lead me.
But during the course, I suddenly realized that through FLYoga, I could give children my values, tools for life, to the inner life, to the source of love that we have inside. It's just wonderful! FLYoga is the tool you have found to convey what is important to you. Simply amazing!!!

Chen Zaidi

How can I start a recommendation like this ... I have so many good things to say about this course.
Great atmosphere!
Crazy energies when you need to warm up but calm while you need to relax.
Extensive knowledge from all kinds of fields that connect to yoga.
Personal and full accompaniment for starting a successful aerial yoga business.
Detailed lesson plans with explanatory videos.
Personal support and empowerment.
I just feel like I had the privilege of learning from you.
Thank you very much🙏❤️

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

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Most people spend a lifetime looking for their purpose. If you have read this page till now, I know you are excited and have a gut feeling that this is yours. Follow your gut feeling, and don't miss your chance to change your life and get a sense of fulfillment from teaching yoga to kids. You will get back so much love.
Are you ready to get started?
Enroll Now!

The number of students is limited to 20 only


Avigail Rahamim

My name is Abigail, and I am a children's yoga teacher. Like many instructors worldwide, I also had to stop working due to COVID19 and avoid the meetings that I love so much with children in movement activities.
Recently I found the SiRA FLYoga Kids Teacher Training Course under Lena and Semyon Shur guidance. This is a lovely couple who teaches a course full of very unique content. The course is presented accurately with multiple ways of illustration and extensive marketing instructions with a personal approach and a ton of content. There is no doubt that when we return to normal life, my FLYoga classes will flourish. So far, yoga for children has had a limited and very specific audience, usually only girls. FLYoga also appeals to boys and produces a fun activity that kids are eager to keep attending all year round.
On a personal level, the course empowered me greatly. Especially in light of worries about the unclear future, I found a new and exciting niche for an exciting future full of activity ... 🤸

Karen Adomi

I did a wonderful FLYoga Kids course with Lena and Semyon. The course is so comprehensive and empowering. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work with children to purchase this wonderful tool of using a hammock. What do you get in the course? Everything you need to know about working with children, working with hammocks, building children's FLYoga classes for a living, active business, and working with energy and heart.
Lena and Semyon's investment is huge. They are charming and approachable and actually coach you in creating a FLYoga business. At the end of the course, students receive very detailed content for round-year classes. This course is a perfect product that comes with the cover of a great experience. And they are happy to stay in touch and continue to help. Huge thanks.

Summer Khalaily

I finished a FLYoga kids course with Lena, I had a lot of fun, it was fun, challenging, and very exciting. Lena gives a lot of professional knowledge, tools, and tips.
All out of joy and a wonderful atmosphere,
I also learned a lot from Lena and Semyon about yoga and money, marketing, and student empowerment.
Lena and Semyon are always willing to help and happily answer any questions.

Talia Bitton

I am Talia Bitton, 48 years old, and I had the privilege to take the FLYoga Kids TT course with Lena. I'm so happy I got to know Lena and her husband Semyon, and I felt they are my supporting family. They are a very kind couple, give confidence and personal treatment to everyone. Lena is an amazing professional. I learned many exercises, knowledge about the hammocks, how to build a yoga business, and how to work with children. I became addicted to her classes. That course was pure fun. I waited every week for the next session. I got a lot of knowledge, and confidence to start my own FLYoga Kids business in my town. Lena is amazing! Don't think twice. Highly recommend.