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Struggling To Do Beautiful Aerial Yoga Exercises?

Do you want to practice aerial yoga but there are no nearby classes available? Or maybe you don't have time to attend the classes and prefer to practice at home?

You’ve probably seen the beautiful videos on YouTube of yogi’s gracefully hanging out in soft silk hammocks, supported and elevated off the ground as they elegantly pull off a tricky yoga inversion or backbend.

When you try to repeat the exercise you probably discover that it's not as easy as it looks and sometimes even painful.

Usually, the free videos on YouTube done by professional aerialists to show off or promote something and without explaining clearly how the exercise should be done.

To be able to do the exercise easily and safely you must know the exact steps of the exercise with all the secret subtleties.

Don't Get Stuck In A Pose Without Knowing How To Exit

In one of the Arial Yoga groups on Facebook I saw a video of someone trying to exit Sleeping Bat pose. Well ... it wasn't pretty and I could feel her back pain after this exit. People think that aerial yoga is so hard and sometimes even painful because they try to do aerial yoga exercises without proper explanations.

In some videos, I saw recommendations to put a soft mat under the hammock. People show you how to perform an exercise, but they think it's so unsafe that prefer to have something soft when they fall. Do you really believe that a soft mat will help when falling down from an inversion pose?

If you don't know how to do aerial yoga exercises correctly, then it might become unsafe, painful and even very dangerous.

The best way of practicing aerial yoga is by attending classes with a qualified instructor. If you can't attend aerial yoga classes, then at least you have to get detailed step-by-step explanations.

There are a lot of videos with aerial yoga exercises on YouTube, done by people to show off without teaching and without building up the practice from easy exercises to advance. Many of the videos can be a good example of how you shouldn’t do the exercises. I know that because I constantly looking for new exercises for my lessons and before bringing it to the class I need to modify it based on my knowledge so it will be safe and doable for normal people as we are.

You Can Practice Aerial Yoga In The Easy And The Safe Way

Some craziest aerial yoga exercises might seem impossible to do, but if you are guided in the right way, you will discover that you don’t have to be aerialist to succeed.

Who I am and my qualifications

I'm Lena Shur, a certified Aerial Yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and the owner of SiRA Studio, teaching Aerial Yoga to kids, teens, and adults.

For over 10 years, I've been teaching Aerial Yoga to thousands of students of all ages, including Aerial Yoga Teacher Training courses. You don't have to be an acrobat to attend my Aerial Yoga classes, and everybody learns to fly, regardless of their physical abilities. That is why I've gained a unique experience to explain all exercises in an easy, safe, and accessible way.

As part of my Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program, we have created close to 200 video tutorials that explain to professional yoga teachers how to perform and teach Aerial Yoga exercises in a right, easy and safe way.

I had no intention to make the tutorials available for people to learn and practice at home. The tutorials are assets for instructors and they pay hundreds of dollars to learn how to perform Aerial Yoga exercises and how to teach their students.

Then, one day, I discovered that there are people that want to fly but have no Aerial Yoga Classes available nearby.

I felt I have to do something to help those people fly and to prevent them from injuring themselves. Anyone can do those exercises but you must get a proper explanation.

That is why I decided to make our Aerial Yoga Video Tutorials available for a fraction of the price that yoga teachers are paying.

Imagine You Could Do Any Aerial Yoga Exercise Easily, Safely And Gracefully.

  • Imagine every aerial yoga exercise would be explained in such a way that your practice becomes easy, safe and fun.​
  • Imagine the self-confidence and satisfaction from being able to do aerial yoga exercises
  • Imagine how proud you'll be when doing craziest exercises easily.​
  • Imagine you can do over 150 exercises without constantly searching for new exercises.​
  • No more difficulty in doing the exercises, no more hurting yourself, no more pain and no more fear of falling.

The Easiest Way

You don’t have to be an acrobat to enjoy the craziest aerial yoga exercises.

The Safest Way

Step-by-step video tutorials explaining, how to practice in the safest way.

The Biggest Variety

Over 150 basic to advanced aerial yoga video tutorials.


Confidence To Practice Aerial Yoga At Home


#1 Aerial Yoga Video Tutorials

Watch The Video To See HowWe Explain Each Pose - Easy!


Over 150 Aerial Yoga Video Tutorials. Each video shows step-by-step, with a written explanation, how to perform the exercise in the most effective, fun and safest way.

The huge variety of exercises allows working on stretching and strengthening almost any muscle in your body, making it very effective yoga practice. With those video tutorials, you will be able to have fun (on your own or in couples), work on your body and mind.

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#2 Aerial Yoga Exercises Secrets eBook

Aerial Yoga Exercises Secrets eBook is the most detailed playbook for practicing and teaching aerial yoga.

The book explains step-by-step how to perform each exercise with benefits, illustrations, and real lesson pictures.

The detailed explanations of each exercise are based on the practical experience of teaching aerial yoga to thousands of adults and kids.

It includes tips and recommendations to do different variations of the exercises, to make the practice easier and to have fun.

And, on this page only, I've included exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!

Bonus #1 - Aerial Yoga Exercises in Pairs

Video Tutorials for practicing Aerial Yoga in Pairs for Couples or Parents & Kids activities. It's even more fun to practice Aerial Yoga in pairs as it allows to create special quality moments with your partner or child. 

Bonus #2 - Warm-up Exercises

Before starting your aerial yoga practice it's recommended to do a few warm-up exercises on the mat. This set of video tutorial includes the warm-up exercise with a step-by-step explanation of how to perform the exercise.

With this incredible offer, you will know how to do aerial yoga exercises easily and safely, you will be able to do the craziest exercises, you never thought you can do and practice Aerial Yoga with your family.
All this for the price of one aerial yoga class!


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Victoria A.

“I’ve been watching aerial yoga videos for a few months. It looks so beautiful but never thought I’ll be able to do is since I’ve never been too fit.

The tutorials explain the exercises in a very simple way gave me the confidence to try. Now, I can fly! “

Orit P.

“I had the hammock at home for some time but never thought it will become the main activity with the kids.

After trying the exercises in pairs with my kids, they became aerial yoga junkies. Thank you, Lena for the tutorials.”

Galia K.

“I’ve been teaching aerial yoga for 5 years. I never thought there are so many exercises that I can use in my classes.
Now, my students are thrilled, because I teach new exercises in every class. I don't need to search for new exercise on YouTube for hours.“


Yogis around the world see amazing results with SiRA Aerial Yoga Video Tutorials.

But if you'll see that you didn't learn any new exercises or the tutorials didn't help you to do the exercises in an easier and safer way, We’ll refund your money. Just like any goal you have, you won't automatically reach it without doing the work to get there.



The step by step video tutorials will guide you from warming-up, through complex exercises and up to enjoying aerial yoga with your family.

You will learn all the secrets and the benefits of practicing aerial yoga the easy way.






  • Aerial Yoga Video Tutorials (Over 150 Videos) ($257 Value)
  • Aerial Yoga Exercises Secrets eBook ($47 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Aerial Yoga Exercises in Pairs Video Tutorials ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Warm-up Exercises Video Tutorials ($47 Value)


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